A home is a reflection of our traditions and our habits, the things we care about and the people we love. In the time that it’s taken to raise four children, our house has evolved into an expression of our best qualities and customs. Objects and accents of color are tools I’ve used to create rooms that emit a sense of warmth and comfort, rooms in which to celebrate our family and friends. Details matter: scalloped edges on a pillow, a hand-painted dresser, the soft feel of a woven throw. Our house has given voice to narratives of our lives, the stories we’ve collected to tell.

The perfect object can come from anywhere – an heirloom handed down through generations, an antique shop find, or a souvenir from a special vacation. It could be a child’s drawing or a family photo – as long as it has meaning to us. Its significance and character are what matter – not what it costs. Like a favorite sweater that is worn and full of holes, the patina on the wood of an antique chest is what gives it its charm.

I firmly believe that our homes are meant to be lived in: serve an everyday breakfast to your family on your best china, pour red wine, snuggle into your beautiful pillows – use your good stuff all the time!

For me, a great home has timeless style and is warm and filled with life.